Partnering with Signature Leather for the perfect pair of gloves

October 02, 2016

If you are looking for exceptionally fine gloves for riding, driving, or any other function, look no further. We are proud to partner with Signature Leather to offer customizable gloves. With dozens of leather colors, thread colors, and several glove styles to choose from, you can let your imagination guide you to your perfect pair of gloves. 

Contact us to order a pair, we are happy to help you with sizing, colors, and styles.


Here is a little more information about Signature Leather, and if you would like to know even more about them you can visit their website at


At Signature Leather, we are proud to live somewhat in the past – where fine English leather gloves are crafted in the meticulous, time-honoured fashion by craftspeople that really care. For a true appreciation of the traditional art of glove making, we encourage you to view our short,  six-minute video, which is available directly from our Home Page. See how those intricate craftsman skills are passed down from Master to apprentice – and experienced with each pair of Signature Gloves  

Our in-house design team works with the finest English gloving leather; it is simply the best available leather, anywhere. 

Perfect Fit
It is no accident that we have dedicated so much space to our raw material production. The finest close-contact fit that our customers demand (especially at the level of top-class sport) is found only through meticulous, experienced selection of the finest leather. We work with designs from the archives, which hark to a bygone age of elegance. As tradition dictates, we then table cut the hides by hand before crafting the leather into the perfect-fit gloves.

 Unique, Bespoke
All of our gloves are made from scratch – that’s why it takes six to eight weeks to fashion a pair of gloves. Our minimum order is just one glove, which allows us to offer our customers a unique, bespoke service to create gloves in a personal colour combination of leathers and threads – to be unique in today’s world of the mass-produced.