Master Saddlers

David Boot & Lucy Batchelor

As saddle makers we are proud to offer our own range of individual craftsman made saddles, MASTER SADDLES, built in the U.K. to our designs and specifications.
We make models for the disciplines of dressage, hunter/jumper and eventing.
These saddles are all designed with the horses needs in mind, as well as the riders, and use traditional and time tested materials and techniques.
Custom features are available to accommodate your horses needs.
Our saddles are available through Brennan’s Bit and Bridle and select agents.

David Boot was born in London, England, and became a saddlery apprentice at the age of 15 years old with George Parker and Sons, Saddlers to The Queen Mother. He was trained by the finest saddle makers in London, and went on to be granted the Royal Warrant to H.M. The Queen
Lucy Batchelor , also English, started her saddlery training at Cordwainers College, London, before signing up to a four year apprenticeship. She is a multiple winner at the Saddlers Company of London’s annual saddle and bridle making competition.
Lucy is registered as a Qualified Master Saddler member of the Society of Master Saddlers (U.K ) Ltd., the governing body of the saddlery trade in England.
Now , full time residents of the USA, David and Lucy reside on Eastern Long Island.

Our many years experience of saddle making, fitting horses and working with riders allows us to help diagnose issues that may arise due to poor or inappropriate saddle fit. By furthering the knowledge and understanding of the riders we work with regarding their saddles, we are able to help improve the performance of their horses. Our primary goal is to help horses be as comfortable as possible.
Through our evaluation of both horse and rider we make suggestions to either improve the saddle fit where possible, or recommend changing saddles where necessary.
We offer a comprehensive saddle repair service, specializing in the reflocking of wool flocked saddles

We feel it is important that our customers understand that we can not achieve the impossible. We cannot make an unsuitable saddle suitable, nor can we correct a poorly designed saddle. We do not adjust or replace foam, or felt and foam panels