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Flex On


FLEX-ON® offers you much more than a just range of stirrups – it provides unequalled performance and comfort whatever your discipline and whatever your goals.

According to a Sport Control study in 2012, Flex-On® stirrups were demonstrated to be the best suited to equestrian sports: they absorb vibrations in the different joints, reduce the burden of muscle work either to help the position in the saddle or to help riders protect themselves against vibrations.

  • Made from an environmentally-sound polymide
  • Contains a single-piece steel core
  • Easy to maintain ( they can be cleaned with water )
  • Unique shock-absorbing system
  • Made in France
  • Horse friendly

The Inclined Ultra Grip serves two advantages:

  1. The “spikes” (Ultra Grip) made of hardened steel enable a non-slip grip.  The “spikes” grip to the bottom of your boots providing superior adhesion to the stirrup.
  2. The Incline allows better foot positioning. Better positioning enables better posture.

The shock absorbers reduce the impact on joints and muscles, leading to less post riding fatigue.

Customization is available, please contact us for customization.

Customization options:

Frame - black, silver, grey, red, blue, green, and more.

Footbed - flat, incline, spikes, or no spikes

Footplate - black, white, silver

Shock absorbers - white, pink, blue, brown, yellow, green, red, and more.

Magnetic stickers - same colors as shock absorbers, and also available in country flags.

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